Mobile Vs No Mobile and Internet Vs Liveliness

I was talking to my Guwahati University Classmate, Diganta couple of days back. We talked about our university days. Became a bit nostalgic about those days…..the evenings at versity market, hostel raggings, busy schedule during versity weeks and youth festivals, hostel freshers’ day and what not!!! Diganta stays very nearby to the University, and has a … More Mobile Vs No Mobile and Internet Vs Liveliness

Why PR is more Credible than Advertising?

BRANDING is important. A strong brand can make any organization, or any product or service immensely easier to sell. Branding is the emotional binge that a customer feels when thinking about your product or your organisation. Many times, we see entrepreneurs throw away thousands of dollars, trying to grow their businesses with various branding techniques, … More Why PR is more Credible than Advertising?

Assam Silk

Assam silk – A traditional dress material – unparalled! I love Mekhela Chador. Usually I wear it for office, on various occasions etc. Many a times, I am asked by my non-Assamese peers and colleagues, what it is called, what material it is, what are the costs, where to get etc. So, I thought of … More Assam Silk

Maintain the Gap

It was a kind of celebration when my Mom told me that she had got and confirmed one maid for me. The girl belongs to the village where my parents’ maid is getting married; Belongs to the Tea-Garden community. She must be 13/14 years old. Her name is Pokhila. My Mom arrived Delhi taking her … More Maintain the Gap

Power of Mobile Mania

Billions of people are talking on mobile-phones in every second. Whether they are cooking, driving cars, watching television or relaxing in their bedrooms. Can we now think our lives without mobile-handsets? Even a day….or few hours? We are far away from our parents, childhood friends..relatives….But mobile does not allow us to feel the distance! What … More Power of Mobile Mania