Waiting for Godot

We came to Bangalore in October 2012. Took a rented apartment in Murgeshpalya @Rs.25K per month. As Bangalore has a trend of taking deposit of 8 months or 1 year’s rent as security advance, we also happily paid 8 months rent to the owner – Mr…..Reddy! Mr. Reddy is a well reputed builder in Bangalore. He is selling his apartments in Murgeshpalya, Hebbal, Near Manyata Tech Park, Whitefield etc.
After couple of months, we shifted to our own house in April 2013.While we asked for the security money back, Mr. Reddy said that he did not have money right that time and would give us next month. The apartment which we vacated was occupied immediately. Almost everyday, there is a registration of his flats.
“Next month” has become this month, and the new year is just around the corner now,…..we are continuously following up….Mr. Reddy is still waiting for his payments…and we are  waiting for the D day when his A/C will get some money.
We have a signed paper for depositing security, we have recorded phone calls. Yes! We should think like conscious citizens, but quite apprehensive to approach a Police/ Advocate. Some questions disturbing our minds –


  • whether we will be welcomed well by the Police to file a case against this local builder


  •  if we approach the advocate, will he be more interested to increase the weight of his own pocket


  • how much time and money we will have to spend/waste for getting our own money – our hard-earn money back


Why we cannot approach our legal system without giving a second thought, or without any apprehension…..Is there any solution for this kind of corruption????
Still thinking……Still waiting like Vladimir and Estragon for arrival of Godot!!!

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