Charm of Delhi


Dilli-ki-Chaat!  Gajar ka halwa! Golgappas! Jalebi, Rabri or Garam gulab jamun!

The slim streets of Chandni Chawk –to get lost and be confused, with a medieval feel.  Lose yourself to shopping in Sarojani nagar, Lajpat nagar, Khan Market, Kamlanagar, Atta or Janpath…….!!!

Wander around Lodhi Garden in Sunday mornings. Sooth your eyes and eat delicious food at Delhi Hut on holidays. Taste ice cream at India Gate in the mid-night hours…..(but ofcourse never go alone)!!!


And top of it, the Delhi ki Sardi!!! Sip a cup of tapori wala garam chai with pakodas while coming back from office. Take a walk in the misty evenings through the white-laced streets….feel like singing “Pari hu me…..”, go to the nearby Dhobi aunti to get a fire–doze!! Organize a barbeque party in the new year!!

Literally, missing Delhi badly!!! Passing 11 years in this capital made me feel like home.

Bangalore is an amazing place to live in.  Though the weather of Bangalore is mind-blowing with no winter, no summer……the charm of Delhi’s winter is unmatched!!!! (Excuse me for not thinking about the bitter winter for the homeless….at this point of time.)


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