Social Media

Life without Mobile phones =  Can not imagine!

Life without Social Media = Can we think of???



China is the largest and India is the second most populous countries in the world. But the way, Facebook is picking up its speed, I am sure it will overtake these two countries and set its position as the most populated realm, so that no country can break the record.


In case of other social media components like blogging, micro blogging, news sharing, website sharing,  video sharing, music sharing etc., social media is a powerful tool to aggregate people, bring popularity to individuals/ organizations/products and build the brands too.

Now, gossiping is becoming open….organizations started believing that one’s personality reflects in social media. A groom is chosen believing in the statement – ‘a man is known by the company he keeps’ – looking at the social media friend –circles.

Though social media consumes huge time of the youth, and the young professionals mostly, interest based networking has started making its impact. Common goals, hobbies, social causes, government indecisiveness, eradicating social evils are such areas where social media can evolve.


To give an example, I received a mail from Rajiv Vausdevan via for signing his petition asking the defence minister to help the brave NSG Commando, PV Manesh get reimbursement for his Ayurveda treatment. Manesh was injured while rescuing hostages in the 26/11 attacks. He has been undergoing Ayurveda treatment that has helped him significantly, but the Army rules don’t allow for reimbursement of Ayurveda treatment. So, Rajiv started this campaign to help him.


I am sure that this kind of common causes can be eradicated through social media collaboration. I believe, the ADVT. of Idea mobile of gathering votes from millions of people for a common cause, now also can happen in a big way through social media. That’s even more effectively as social media is free to cost.


Not sure if social media can change our political and social systems and processes or not, but will emerge into something very different which is hard to say, as the future will be more connected and more engaged.

And….as the networking rides on the mouse!!!


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