PR Mantra

Low-cost Keys that open Media Doors

Public relations (PR), perhaps the most misunderstood part of marketing communications, can be the most effective marketing and promotional tool.

Earlier, in common, two different departments within an organization used to handle marketing and PR function separately. But today, these two functions are increasingly integrated for several reasons. Companies are now calling for more market-oriented PR. They want their PR departments to manage PR activities which contribute towards marketing their products and services. They are establishing marketing PR groups to support corporate and product promotion and brand building directly.

Now, PR is moving into an explosive growth stage. Companies are realizing that mass marketing is no longer the answer to some of their communication needs. Sales and Advertising costs continue to rise. In this environment, PR holds the promise of a cost-effective promotional tool. The creative use of news events, publications, social events, community relations, and other PR techniques offers companies a way to distinguish themselves and their products from their competitors.

Organizations have budgets for marketing and advertising their product or service. Every Rupee must count.

Here are few low-cost PR tips:

Create a Website

The first thing, generally a journalist does, when he receives a Press Release and if it catches his interest, is to look at the website.

Follow your Competition

Look what differentiate you from your competitions. Notice what they are doing that you are neglecting.

Track Clients

Keep a track where your clients have been profiled or mentioned and also keep a check who are their target media.

Decide on Your Target Market whether it is local, national or international and look for the PR Opportunities for that market

Define target Audience

Make your Target Media list

This could mean newspapers, magazines, newsletters, websites, TV, radio stations, bloggers, Twitter, Facebook – what do you target clients and customers read, watch and use.

Power up your press releases

Develop a compelling story. Your news releases should be newsworthy, targeted to the appropriate contact and, above all, engaging and open for constructive critique.

It should look professional, be crisp, clean and free of errors and contain something unique or creative related to your business.

Cultivate relationships with the media and stay in touch.

Build PR around the Spokesperson

Arrange exclusive trade interviews and features for the Spokesperson

Send Corporate Newsletter to the Media regularly to keep them updated about your business.

Become a reliable and trusted source from your industry to the media. Join your industry association and do some real work for it.

Start blogging in Social Media

Writing a company blog is low-cost way to position your business as a leader and it can help in establishing yourself as a thought leader in your arena. You can then direct the media to your blog and include the links in your press releases and emails etc.

Search for the ‘hungry for news’ journalist

Some journalists are writers who are in search of specific case studies or experts for an article they are writing.

Look for Free lancer

Build up a strong list of freelancers

Maximize email marketing

Make the media’s job easier

Mould your pitch to the appropriate editor or reporter. Respect their time and deadlines. Have a press kit ready if the media ask for more info. Give them what they need, when they need it, and you’ll increase your chances for positive press coverage.

Develop relationships with press contacts

Network with the media at various industry events. Make an effort to get to know local reporters and leverage those relationships. Establish yourself as a resource to reporters and editors.

So, sharpen your skills, and employ these techniques and check the ROI!


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