Can we remove Corruption from India?

“Yeh Hindustan Hai, Yaha Sab Chalta Hai”…A common statement in India!

Don’t you feel happy if you do a good bargain with a cop while you break any traffic rule? If you do a rafa-dafa right away in one fourth money of what the cop has asked for?

What will you prefer if some work could be done quickly without any visit or taking any tension by giving a bribe instead of going to a Government office for weeks and months for doing the same work in legal and clear way? Won’t you go to a deal maker if you can get a Car license, Passport or Pan Card in an hour by paying few hundreds or thousands rupee without making many to and fro visits to the respective offices? This happens even after government has taken steps to ease the application process for most of these.

We are proud of the diversity of culture, language and ethnicity of our country. But do not we still prefer the person from the same caste or same place in case of giving a job or doing a favor?

We all want to stop corruption from our country, but will we really be able to?
So, though I think and firmly believe that India never can come out of the corruption, I would say, instead of pointing our finger to others, we should do self- introspection first.

We all are corrupted in a way or the other. Corruption is infused in our Blood. The embryo of this corruption lies deep inside every Indian, regardless of any age-bar.

Even after 63 years of India’s independence, whenever, a common man raises his voice for justice, he is silenced in various ways by the criminal nexus, including attempts to murder.

The last few months have been witnessing allegations of corruption amounting to over 3 lakh crores in 2G spectrum allotments, the Common Wealth Games (CWG) scam, the Adarsh Building Society scam, allotment of land and mines in Bangalore etc. We do wish but do we expect anyone to be convicted out of this?

Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has the power, but is entirely dependent on the government for permissions for investigations and prosecutions. CBI’s lawyers are appointed by the Law ministry and report to it as well, for which reason why everyone demands a Supreme Court monitored CBI investigation (as is the case in 2G spectrum).

In our political system, maximum of our top leaders are over 60 – 70 of their age. What we can expect actually from a politician whose one leg is already in cemetery?

Moreover, in the current time, technology is far-advanced. But, how many of the politicians know how to use a computer? What kind of strategy, a below-graduate or illiterate politician will make?

We can be hopeful that India can turn around a bit if she gets a total revamping of the political and anti-corruption delivery system. The country immediately needs a legal, efficient and independent investigating and prosecuting multidisciplinary agency led by independent professionals, to ward off political perplexity. And in political system too, there must be 60-70 % youths of below age 40, who can understand the demand of current century or the new generation. Apart from that, there should be a minimum education background for the politicians.

Whatever pledges we make or revamping we do, corruption will stay like this forever till the time we are ready to pay full money to a traffic police by taking the proper receipt, or getting a Car License or Passport by going through proper process without giving any bribe to the dalal. So, let’s optimism rule the thoughts…………..


One thought on “Can we remove Corruption from India?

  1. That’s a good question. I’ve been surprised how upfront some government employees are about asking for bribes (which they euphemistically call “tips.”

    I assume there must be a substantial part of the population that sees benefit in the deferential treatment they can get for a relatively bargain rate. Because In a democracy you can always quell corruption, you just make politicians pay for it every single election until they reform the bureaucracy.

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