Many Many Happy Returns of the Day

Five years back… who knew we would be a perfect duo ?

With the world we fought;  We tied our sweet knot.

So many stories, so much happiness, so much laughter, with a multitude of emotions…

With the life song, the rhythm goes on…

You make me happy in so little time, make me forget all worries with your naughty rhymes… Win my heart with your erudite advices, ofcourse make me angry with your ‘Naipia’ defiances. I hate being away from you, and together I want to make everyday a new! l want to see your face first when I wake up, want your hand to make every occasion light up.

Somebody said, ‘Fights increases love’. So, we will keep fighting please…. But, Hey! I will never forget to remind you all those promises to keep! Continue to tell you that you are no longer in love with me, And keep loving me…..the same way you were years ago and used to see me!

Now, don’t know what to present you…on our fifth year of love..our connubial life. I could not buy anything, ’coz you made me so dependable wife. On this occasion, these are the few words I just wanted to covey! And wanna say – I love you then…I love you now, and my love is growing day by day!!!

Happy Anniversary to My Love and My Better Half!!!


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