The Bhatinda Days

If I could keep time in a bottle
What I’d have done…is
Put all time closed in it…
Spend all the time with you…
Hold you till infinity passes away…

If words could make wishes come true
I’d have said all good things always …

If I had a box just for wishes…
I’d have kept all bad wishes and dreams there
And just thrown it out in the sea…

But… most of our important days, I have to just envision you …
Your eyes radiating warmth, joy and vibrance …
…just in my imagination
Keeping tender feelings in my heart
Remembering your lovely smile….

Now, I want one promise from you….that…
I will get to see the sparkle of your eyes
Feel the tender warmth of your smile
The small tilt of your head…
Protecting me, holding me close
Not in dream…or on phone…
But in utter reality…..
Will you my Love ?



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